Erinnerungen an das inhaltsreiche Leben einer körperbehinderten Ärztin und Hämatologin

TitleErinnerungen an das inhaltsreiche Leben einer körperbehinderten Ärztin und Hämatologin
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsBoll, Irene
Number of Pages293
PublisherVerlag Murken-Altrogge

Irene Boll's autobiography detailing her life as a disabled doctor and hematologist. Irene Boll (1922-2013) came into contact with medicine as a child. At the age of four, she contracted femoral osteomyelitis with Brodie abscess, as a result of which she spent more than one and a half years in hospital. She was left with a lifelong physical disability from this time. She devoted her life with great passion to the service of medicine. In 1940 she began her studies at the University of Berlin. After receiving her doctorate in 1948, she worked as an assistant physician in Berlin. It was here that Boll's scientific and clinical interest in hematology and oncology was awakened. Although she had to overcome enormous hurdles at that time as a woman, in addition with a physical disability, Irene Boll achieved groundbreaking successes in hematology. 

Translated TitleMemoir of the Content-rich Life of a Physically Disabled Physician and Hematologist
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