The Peace of Passarowitz, 1718

TitleThe Peace of Passarowitz, 1718
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
Series EditorIngrao, Charles, Nikola Samardzic, and Jovan Pesalj
Number of Pages310
PublisherPurdue University Press
CityLafayette, IN

In the late spring of 1718 near the village of Pozarevac (German: Passarowitz) in northern Serbia, freshly conquered by Habsburg forces, three delegations representing the Holy Roman Emperor, Ottoman Sultan, and the Republic of Venice gathered to end the conflict that had begun three and a half years earlier. The fighting had spread throughout southeastern Europe, from Hungary to the southernmost tip of the Peloponnese. The peace redrew the map of the Balkans, extending the reach of Habsburg power, all but expelling Venice from the Greek mainland, and laying the foundations for Ottoman revitalization during the Tulip period. In this volume, twenty specialists analyze the military background to and political context of the peace congress and treaty. They assess the immediate significance of the Peace of Passarowitz and its longer term influence on the society, demography, culture, and economy of central Europe.

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The Habsburg-Ottoman wars and the modern world /; Charles Ingrao --;

The peace of Passarowitz : the general context /; Nikola Samardzic --;

The peace of Passarowitz in the historical sciences (1718-1829) /; Martin Peters --;

The impact of the Passarowitz treaty on the Habsburg Empire /; Harald Heppner, Daniela Schanes --;

The peace of Passarowitz in Venice's Balkan policy /; Egidio Ivetic --;

Twists and turns in the diplomatic dialogue during the lead-up to the Passarowitz peace conference : a glimpse at the politics of peace-making in the early eighteenth century /; Rhoads Murphey --;

The Ottoman wars against Venice and Austria and the changing military balance of power along the Danube in the early eighteenth century /; Gabor Agoston --;

The peace of Passarowitz and its influence on the Eyalet of Bosnia /; Enes Pelidija --;

The Crimean Tatars and the seventeenth-eighteenth century Ottoman-Austrian wars /; Dan D.Y. Shapira --;

Making a prosperous peace : Habsburg diplomacy and economic policy during the peace of Passarowitz /; Jovan Pesalj --;

Implementation of the commercial treaty of Passarowitz : the case of the Austrian merchants (1720-1750) /; Numan Elibol, Abdullah Mesud Kucukkalay.;

The navigation and trade agreement of 1718 and Ottoman orthodox merchants in civil Croatia and parts of the military border /; Hrvoje Petric --;

The Austro-Ottoman war of 1716-1718 and demographic changes in war-afflicted territories /; Vojin S. Dabic --;

The peace of Passarowitz and the reestablishment of the Catholic diocesan administration in Belgrade and Smederevo /; Katarina Mitrovic --;

Tracking the mapmaker : Marsigli's itineraries and surveys in southeastern Europe as a basis for the peace conferences of Karlowitz (1699) and Passarowitz (1718) /; Jelena Mrgic --;

The festival book dedicated to the exchange of Austrian and Turkish deputations in 1719 /; Ana Milosevic --;

The emergence of baroque in Belgrade /; Nikola Samardzic --;

Patriotism and propaganda : the Habsburgs' media promotion of the Passarowitz peace --;

Treaty ratification in 1718 /; Vladimir Simic.

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