Bitter Fruit: African American Women in World War II

TitleBitter Fruit: African American Women in World War II
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsHoney, Maureen
Number of Pages401
PublisherUniversity of Missouri Press
CityColumbia, MO

Despite the participation of African American women in all aspects of home-front activity during World War II, advertisements, recruitment posters, and newsreels portrayed largely white women as army nurses, defense plant workers, concerned mothers, and steadfast wives. This sea of white faces left for posterity images such as Rosie the Riveter, obscuring the contributions that African American women made to the war effort. In this volume, the editor corrects this distorted picture of women's roles in World War II by collecting photos, essays, fiction, and poetry by and about black women from the four leading African American periodicals of the war period: Negro Digest, The Crisis, Opportunity and Negro Story. Most appearing for the first time since their original publication, the materials in this volume feature black women operating technical machinery, working in army uniforms, entertaining audiences, and pursuing an education. The articles praise the women's accomplishments as pioneers working toward racial equality; the fiction and poetry depict female characters in roles other than domestic servants and give voice to the bitterness arising from discrimination that many women felt. This anthology contains works from more than one hundred writers, the majority of them African American. Of particular note are poems and short stories anthologized for the first time, including Ann Perry's first story, Octavia Wynbush's last work of fiction, and three poems by Harlem Renaissance writer Georgia Douglas Johnson. Uniting these various writers was their desire to write in the midst of a worldwide military conflict with dramatic potential for ending segregation and opening doors for women at home.

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