The Crimean Journals of the Sisters of Mercy, 1854-56

TitleThe Crimean Journals of the Sisters of Mercy, 1854-56
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsBridgeman, Francis, Aloysius M. Doyle, Mary Joseph Croke, and Maria Luddy
Number of Pages260
PublisherFour Courts Press
CityDublin; Portland, OR

In December 1854, 15 nuns from Ireland and England arrived in the Crimea to nurse the sick and wounded British soldiers who were fighting the Crimean War. This is an account of some of their first hand experiences, recording the conditions under which they traveled to the Crimea, the state of the hospitals they worked in, their relationships with the soldiers and medical and military authorities, and their difficulties with Florence Nightingale. -- Publisher description

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