The Roger Fenton Crimean War Photographs Collection

TitleThe Roger Fenton Crimean War Photographs Collection
Publication TypeWebsite
Corporate AuthorsLibrary of Congress
Place PublishedWashington, D.C.

Presented by the Library of Congress, this digital collection contains the photographs of the Crimean War (1853–56) taken by Roger Fenton (1819–69). They documented the conditions faced by the troops of the allied coalition (Britain, France, Turkey, and others), the participants themselves, and the landscape, although Fenton took no photographs of actual combat or its aftermath. Sent with royal support and to augment the unprecedented press coverage of the war, Fenton photographed for only four months of the war (March 8–June 26, 1855), which stretched on for years before resulting in Russia's humiliating defeat on its home soil, the Crimean Peninsula jutting into the Black Sea. These 263 prints were purchased from Fenton's family by the Library in 1944, an example of the work of this pioneer of photography in Britain, much of whose work remained little known. The photographs are searchable by keyword, place, and other criteria, as well as browsable according to the same criteria, including individuals pictured.

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