Gender and Conflict since 1914: Historical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives

TitleGender and Conflict since 1914: Historical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsCarden-Coyne, Ana
Number of Pages185
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan
CityNew York

Covering a range of wars and armed struggles, the authors describe what has changed, what has continued, and how does understanding gender in times of conflict have ongoing relevance across the 20th and 21st centuries. This insightful collection of interdisciplinary essays, by a wide-ranging team of experts, draws out critical themes emanating from 1914. The First World War was a turning point for modern globalized warfare. It involved the inclusion of women in 'war efforts,' the homefront becoming the war zone, and produced millions of wounded and disabled men. At the same time, it incited an extraordinary arsenal of gendered discourses, practices, and beliefs in the service of militarism, power structures, and personal agency. Ana Carden-Coyne demonstrates adeptly how understanding gender during periods of conflict has ongoing relevance across the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. 

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