Ein kleines Flämmchen: Wie eine Zwangsarbeiterin überlebte

TitleEin kleines Flämmchen: Wie eine Zwangsarbeiterin überlebte
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsGavrilova, Lidiia Pavlovna, and Eva Daeneke
Number of Pages316
PublisherVerlag für Regionalgeschichte
CityBielefeld, Germany

In October 1941, the Wehrmacht captured the city of Taganrog on the Azov Sea. In May 1942, the only seventeen-year-old Lydia Gavrilova was abducted along with many other residents as a forced laborer in the 'Third Reich'. First, she had to work in a brick factory and toil at a colliery in the Ruhr area, later on a farm in Münsterland. Because of an escape attempt, she was taken to the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen, where she was abused for medical experiments. She describes how she survived this ordeal in this poignant memoir.

Translated TitleA Small Flame: How a Female Forced Laborer Survived
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