Gender and Enthnicity in Rwanda: On Legal Remedies for Victims of Wartime Sexual Violence

TitleGender and Enthnicity in Rwanda: On Legal Remedies for Victims of Wartime Sexual Violence
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsMibenge, Chiseche
Editor┼Żarkov, Dubravka
Book TitleGender, Violent Conflict, and Development
PublisherZubaan Books
CityNew Delhi

The last few decades have witnessed growing theoretical and practical concerns with intersections between violent conflict and development. Links between poverty and natural resources have been minutely explored, and attention has also been given to how state collapse and bad governance have contributed to violent conflict. However, gender relations and ideologies have often been overlooked in theorization of these interconnections, as well as in designing development strategies meant to mend the devastating impact that war leaves on a society. This book looks at the intersections between development practice and violent conflict from an explicit gender perspective and situates the fields of inquiry within a global condition of neo-liberal economy and militarism. Using the notions of femininity and masculinity as analytical tools, contributors question theoretical, political and policy approaches pertaining to specific development strategies in times of prolonged violent conflict, transitions to peace, and post-conflict periods. They further analyse various social, cultural, economic and political processes and relations of power that impact upon different groups of women, men and children in the contexts of militarization and violence.

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