What Women Do in Wartime: Gender and Conflict in Africa

TitleWhat Women Do in Wartime: Gender and Conflict in Africa
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1998
Series EditorTurshen, Meredeth, and Clotilde Twagiramariya
Number of Pages192
PublisherZed Books
CityLondon ; New York

This is the first book to describe and analyze the experience of women in African civil wars. A mixture of reportage, testimony and scholarship, the book includes contributions from women in Chad, Liberia, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa and Sudan. The political context of these conflicts is outlined in an introduction to each chapter. The book profiles women's responses to war, as combatants as well as victims, and describes the groups women organize in the aftermath. The first book to examine rape and other forms of gendered political violence in African civil wars, this extraordinary volume is also about women taking action for change.

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Women's war stories / Meredeth Turshen --
South African women demand the truth / Beth Goldblatt and Sheila Meintjes --
Women and violence in KwaZulu/Natal --
Ashnie Padarath -- Mozambican women experiencing violence / Alcinda António de Abreu --
Attack with a friendly weapon / Asma Abdel Halim --
'Favours' to give and 'consenting' victims : the sexual politics of survival in Rwanda / Clotilde Twagiramariya and Meredeth Turshen -- Women denounce their treatment in Chad / Women's Commission of the Human Rights League of Chad and the editors --
Hundreds of victims silently grieving / Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL) and the editors --
We left our shoes behind / Teckla Shikola --
The militarization of Africa / Daniel Volman.

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