Mass Rape: The War Against Women in Bosnia-Herzegovina

TitleMass Rape: The War Against Women in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsStiglmayer, Alexandra
Number of Pages234
PublisherUniversity of Nebraska Press

This book details the suffering of victims of the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, with a particular focus on the mass rape of women carried out by Serbian soldiers. Alexandra Stiglmayer interviewed survivors of the continuing war in Bosnia-Herzegovina in order to reveal, to a seemingly deaf world, the horrors of the ongoing war in the former Yugoslavia. The women—primarily of Muslim but also of Croatian and Serbian origin—have endured the atrocities of rape and the loss of loved ones. Their testimony, published in the 1993 German edition, is bare, direct, and its cumulative effect overwhelming.

Original PublicationMassenvergewaltigung: Krieg gegen die Frauen. Freiburg: Kore, 1993.
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