Common Grounds: Violence Against Women in War and Armed Conflict Situations

TitleCommon Grounds: Violence Against Women in War and Armed Conflict Situations
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsSajor, Indai Lourdes
Number of Pages358
PublisherAsian Center for Women's Human Rights
CityQuezon City, Philippines

This edited volume on violence against women in war and armed conflict situations presents the papers given at the International Conference on "Violence Against Women in War and Armed Conflict Situations," held in Tokyo from October 30 to November 3 1997. Its focus is on war crimes and crimes against the humanity, including sexual violence, in Asia during World War II and the Global Cold War.

The volume includes the following chapters:

  • History Cannot Be Erased, Women Can No Longer Be Silenced: YAY0RI MATSUI.
  • Acknowledging Violations, Struggling Against Impunity: Women's Rights. Human Rights: ARIANE BRUNET AND STEPHANIE ROUSSEAU.
  • Breaking the Collusion of Silence: AGNES CALLAMARD.
  • The Case of Forced Evictions: LEILANI FARHA.
  • Fundamentalism and Femicide: MARIEME HELIE-LUCAS.
  • Rape as a War Crime - Mythology and History: USTINIA DOLGOPOL.
  • Rape and War: The Japanese Experience: YUKI TANAKA.
  • How the Violence Against Women Were Dealth With in War Crime Trials: AIKO UTSUMI.
  • Backlash Against the Comfort Women Issue: Moves Against History Textbook. References: KIM PUJA.
  • The Role of NG0s in the Comfort Women Issue: ERIKO IKEDA.
  • The Comfort Women Issue and Responses of the Japanese Government: RUMIKO. NISHINO.
  • Chinese Women War Victims and the Legal Responsibilities of the Japanese. Government: JIANG KANG.
  • Taiwanese Comfort Women's Quest for justice: CHING FENG WANG AND MEI-FEN. CHIANG.
  • Afghanistan: Atrocities Against Civilians: ABBAS FAIZ.
  • Mass Rape and Violence in the 1971 Armed Conflict of Bangladesh: Justice. And Other Issues: SHUMI UMME HABIBA.
  • The 1971 Genocide in Bangladesh and Crimes Committed Against Women: SULTANA. KAMAL.
  • Cambodian Women in Armed Conflict Situation: KEO KEANG.
  • Violence Against Ethnic Women by the Burmese Military: IYORI NAOKO.
  • Violence Against Women in East Timor Under the Indonesian Occupation. KIYOKO FURUSAWA AND JEAN INGLIS.
  • Borders and Bodies: Recovering Women in the National Interest: RITU MENON.
  • The Reproductive Health of Vietnamese Women and Chemical Weapons: REIKO. WATANUKI.
  • Ethics of Difference-Working with Women Survivors: LEPA MLADJENOVIC. The Tokyo Declaration.
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