Straight as a Rule: Heteronormativity, Gendercide, and the Noncombatant Male

TitleStraight as a Rule: Heteronormativity, Gendercide, and the Noncombatant Male
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsJones, Adam
JournalMen and Masculinities
Date Published04/2006

This article is an extension of the author's research into the vulnerability of noncombatant “battle-age” males in situations of war and genocide. It explores the role of heteronormativity—defined as culturally hegemonic heterosexuality—in shaping the victimization experiences of male noncombatants. An introductory section addresses definitional issues and frames the discussion in terms of the study of gendercide, or gender-selective mass killing. The link among noncombatant status, imputed violations of heteronormativity, and gendercide is then explored. A separate section considers the phenomenon of sexual violence against males in wartime and asks whether feminist theories of “genocidal rape” can usefully be deployed to assist understanding of this little-studied phenomenon. The conclusion cites some remaining conceptual and conventional obstacles to research on male noncombatants, and suggests avenues for further investigation.

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