The Era of the Witness

TitleThe Era of the Witness
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsWieviorka, Annette
Number of Pages168
PublisherCornell University Press
CityIthaca, NY

What is the role of survivor testimony in Holocaust remembrance? In The Era of the Witness, Annette Wieviorka seeks to answer this surpassingly complex question. She analyzes the conditions under which survivor testimonies have been produced, how they have been received over time, and how the testimonies shaped the construction of history and collective memory.  Especially concerned with the pedagogical and political uses to which survivor testimony has been put, Wieviorka examines factors that determine when and how survivor testimonies are incorporated into the larger narrative of the Holocaust, according it a privileged place in our understanding. By exploring the ways in which the Holocaust is remembered, The Era of the Witness also deepens our understanding of how testimony can help to define not only twentieth-century history but also more recent episodes of mass killing that are only now "becoming history."

Original PublicationL'ère du Témoin. Paris: Plon, D.L. 1998
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