Flowers of Hope: A Memoir

TitleFlowers of Hope: A Memoir
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsHertig, Victoria
Number of Pages210
PublisherMomentum Books
CityTroy, MI

Review: Flowers Of Hope is a memoir of Victoria Hertig's life, love and the specter of death in the holocaust of World War II. The very human emotions of passion, fear, grief and despair unfold in this perviously untold story. There was a secret, savage little war fought out in the Carpathian Mountains in Southeastern Poland. The Ukrainian Benderovici had taken absolute control of this rugged sector of Poland. At the same time, Victoria was fighting her own personal war. At the age of 15 she was forced by her parents to marry the man who had raped her. This was mandated by her parents in order to protect "the family honor". She had to live with a man she hated, while loving another man she could never have. The interweaving stands of this personal tragedy pit a brutal husband against a star-crossed lover, victims of atrocities against those who silently watched, and bears witness to the consequences of the unholy alliance between Hitler, Stalin and the Ukrainian separatists whose crimes cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children during World War II. Flowers of Hope is a compelling personal account of love and betrayal besides which the fantasy films of Hollywood or the fiction based mini-series of television pale in comparison for sheer drama. This is a true story that happened to a real person. These were real events in real time in real places. The blood and anguish are brought back in vivid testament to a new generation of readers for whom those times are little more than ancient history. Flowers of Hope is as much a memorial as it is memoir. A memorial to one woman's suffering, struggle, and the will to survive. Then ultimate to record her personal story and the story of those who did not survive to tell their own tales of what happens when politics and prejudice, custom and cruelty runamok. How descent people can come to commit indecent acts. When there is a failure of compassion and when there is an ultimate redemption of overcoming tragedy by surviving into a better future. That "flowers ofhope" can and do eventually bloom. Highly recommended! -- Midwest Book Review

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