Die Frauen von Block 10: Medizinische Versuche in Auschwitz

TitleDie Frauen von Block 10: Medizinische Versuche in Auschwitz
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsLang, Hans-Joachim
Number of Pages399
PublisherHoffmann und Campe

Racialized medicine is a little explored chapter in the history of Auschwitz as narrated from the perspective of the victims. Beginning in April 1943, Auschwitz was home to Block 10. There, medical experiments were carried out on about 800 women, of whom more than one third survived. Lang tells who they were, what happened to them, how they managed everyday life and what consequences the survivors had to cope with. At the beginning of 1943, the SS camp management had a two-storey building block 10 removed from the rest of the grounds in the main camp at Auschwitz—the men's concentration camp. Jewish women were imprisoned inside, usually more than 400 in a confined space. Two Nazi physicians tested methods of sterilization, and other doctors used them for further experiments. From memoirs, official documents, and other sources, including his own interviews, Lang has composed a large mosaic, a piece of historical literature that carries along and shockes.

Translated TitleThe Women of Block 10: Medical Experiments in Auschwitz
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