Citizen 13660

TitleCitizen 13660
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsOkubo, Miné
Number of Pages221`
PublisherUniversity of Washington Press

"Mine Okubo was one of over one hundred thousand people of Japanese descent...nearly two-thirds of whom were American citizens...who were forced into "protective custody" shortly after Pearl Harbor. Citizen 13660, Okubo's graphic memoir of life in relocation centers in California and Utah, illuminates this experience with poignant illustrations and witty, candid text. Now available with a new introduction by Christine Hong and in a wide-format artist edition, this graphic novel can reach a new generation of readers and scholars. "[Mine Okubo] took her months of life in the concentration camp and made it the material for this amusing, heart-breaking book. The moral is never expressed, but the wry pictures and the scanty words make the reader laugh...and if he is an American too...blush." "A remarkably objective and vivid and even humorous account. In dramatic and detailed drawings and brief text, she documents the whole episode. all that she saw, objectively, yet with a warmth of understanding." -New York Times Book Review".

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