Under Fire: The Story of a Squad

TitleUnder Fire: The Story of a Squad
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1917
AuthorsBarbusse, Henri
Number of Pages344
PublisherJ. M. Dent & Sons

Henri Barbusse's (1873-1935) French novel Le feu. Journal d'une escouade is one of the first novels to be published about World War I. Although it is fiction, the novel was based on the author's personal experiences as a soldier. The novel takes the form of journal-like anecdotes which the unnamed narrator claims to be writing to record his time in the war. It follows a squad of French volunteer soldiers on the Western front in France after the German invasion. 

Translated TitleFire. Diary of a Squad
Original PublicationLe feu. Journal d'une escouade. Paris: E. Flammarion, 1916
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