Conflict, Peace, Security and Development: Theories and Methodologies

TitleConflict, Peace, Security and Development: Theories and Methodologies
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsHintjens, Helen, and Dubravka ┼Żarkov
Number of Pages268

Whilst classical approaches linked development with peace, security has become central to understandings of both war and peacetime. This book uniquely reflects on how to deal with the convergence of war and peace in the context of global economic and geopolitical development. It addresses methodological challenges in contemporary approaches to conflict, violence, security peace and development. Two dominant contemporary approaches are selected for debate on methodologies and ethical choices: rational choice and identity-based theorizing. The chapters are arranged as dialogues around contending approaches, to better understand how the inter-locking fields of violent conflict, peace, development and security can be researched and understood. Theoretical, methodological and ethical issues emerge from the case-study based chapters from across the world, including Sri Lanka, Ghana, Colombia and Rwanda.

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