Kreuz wider Kokarde: Jagdflüge des Leutnants Ernst Udet

TitleKreuz wider Kokarde: Jagdflüge des Leutnants Ernst Udet
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1918
AuthorsUdet, Ernst
Series EditorEichler, Ernst Friedrich
Number of Pages184
PublisherG. Braunbeck

Chronologically, the life story of Ernst Udet is told, who fought as one of the most successful fighter pilots for the German Empire. After Manfred von Richthofen, he achieved the second highest number of aerial victories with 62. In 40 episodes, the reader learns everything about bad luck and good fortune, dicey flight situations, the amazing, the strange and finally the successful air battles.

Translated TitleCross against Cockade: Fighter Flights of Lieutenant Ernst Udet
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