Sacred Places: War Memorials in the Australian Landscape

TitleSacred Places: War Memorials in the Australian Landscape
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsInglis, K.S.
Number of Pages522
PublisherMiegunyah Press at Melbourne University Press
CityCarlton, Australia

The war memorials and holy sites of the new civil and nationalist religion of the Australian and New Zealand Air Corps (Anzac) are evaluated in this book. After the terrors of the First World War, Australians embarked on a remarkable program of war memorial construction creating large and small mementos that adorn the Australian landscape to this day--pieces that express pride and grief in the perceptions of God, empire, and nation. The author traces the development of the "cult of Anzac" and its monuments, covering their social origins and modern implications of national spirit and patriotism. 

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