The French Colonial Mind

TitleThe French Colonial Mind
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
Series EditorThomas, Martin
Number of Volumes2, vol. 1: The French Colonial Mind: Mental Maps of Empire and Colonial Encounters; vol. 2: rench Colonial Mind: Violence, Milit
Number of Pages440 each volume
PublisherUniveristy of Nebraska Press
CityLincoln and London

The French Colonial Mind: Mental Maps of Empire and Colonial Encounters, the first of two linked volumes, brings together fifteen leading scholars of French colonial history to investigate the origins and outcomes of imperialist ideas among France’s most influential “empire-makers.” Considering French colonial experiences in Africa and Southeast Asia, the authors identify the processes that made Frenchmen and women into ardent imperialists. By focusing on attitudes, presumptions, and prejudices, these essays connect the derivation of ideas about empire, colonized peoples, and concepts of civilization with the forms and practices of French imperialism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The contributors to The French Colonial Mind place the formation and the derivation of colonialist thinking at the heart of this history of imperialism. French Colonial Mind: Violence, Military Encounters, and Colonialism., the dcond volumes, examines  the many ways in which brutality and killing became central to the French experience and management of empire.

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