Die "Endlösung" in Riga: Ausbeutung und Vernichtung 1941–1944

TitleDie "Endlösung" in Riga: Ausbeutung und Vernichtung 1941–1944
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsAngrick, Andre, and Peter Klein
Number of Pages520
PublisherWissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft

Riga was one of the larger ghettoes to which Jews throughout Central Europe were deported. Through its systematic expansion as a deportation destination, Riga is of great importance to the history of Nazi extermination policy far beyond the regional framework, revealing the pan–European dimension of the Holocaust. This work is devoted to the overall history of the Riga ghetto and the fate of its inmates. Moreover, on the basis of all possible sources, it portrays the bigger picture of the Nazi extermination policy, as well as its murderous local manifestation. This includes the presentation of the events after the evacuation of Riga before the advancing Red Army, the transport of the prisoners into the concentration camp Stutthof, the massacres there, and also the last death marches. The volume concludes with a chapter on the lives of the perpetrators and victims in the postwar period as well as on the criminal prosecution of the violated crimes committed.

Translated TitleThe "Final Solution" in Riga: Exploitation and Extermination, 1941-1944
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