Women's History in Global Perspective

TitleWomen's History in Global Perspective
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsSmith, Bonnie G.
Number of Volumes3
Number of Pages334, 312, 273
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Press

The American Historical Association's Committee on Women Historians commissioned some of the pioneering American scholars in women's history to prepare essays in their respective areas of expertise on women's history in a global perspective. The editor, Bonnie G. Smith,points to the evidence of the global connectedness that  has revived the imperative to understand the world better and especially to bring into focus the worldwide history of women. The three volumes are devoted to surveying the most recent findings on women and gender in hopes of bringing teachers at all levels a practical introduction to the new data, historical issues, and historiographical debates from all regions of the world. Incorporating essays over an abundance of regions, dates, and methodologies, the three volumes of Women's History in Global Perspective constitute an invaluable resource for anyone interested in a comprehensive overview on the latest in feminist scholarship in history.

Volume One addresses the comparative themes central to understanding women's history around the world, including: Theory and Practice of Women’s History. Family History in Global Perspective. Women and Gender in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Gender and Work. Race and Ethnicity. Gender and Nation. Worlds of Feminism.

Volume Two discusses trends in gender and women's history from a regional perspective, including essays on: Women in Ancient Civilizations. Women in China, Japan and Korea. Women and Gender in South and Southeast Asia. Medieval women. Women and Gender in Colonial Latin America. Women in the U.S. to 1865.

Volume Three includes essays on: Sub-Saharan Africa. The Middle East. Early and Modern Europe. Russian and the Soviet Union. Latin America. North America after 1865.

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