Gender and Power: Society, the Person, and Sexual Politics

TitleGender and Power: Society, the Person, and Sexual Politics
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsConnell, R. W.
Number of Pages334
PublisherPolity Press
CityCambridge, UK

Sexual politics—from economic equality to anti-gay violence—is a vast area of debate. This book seeks to integrate gender and sexuality into the mainstream of social and political theory with the aim of challenging and transforming these traditional areas.The book is an original contribution to the theory, setting out for the first time a systematic framework for the social analysis of gender and sexuality. It is also useful as an introductory textbook on sexual politics.The book reviews theories of gender from feminism to psychoanalysis, sex role theory, and sociobiology. It maps the structure of gender relations in contemporary life and in history; proposes a new approach to femininity and masculinity; and offers a wide-ranging analysis of sexual politics and the dynamics of change, from working-class feminism to the dilemmas of the "men's movement."

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