Gender and Nation

TitleGender and Nation
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsSinah, Mrinalini
EditorSmith, Bonnie G.
Book TitleWomen's History in Global Perspective
Number of Volumes3
Pagination229 - 275
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Press

What does gender have to do with the study of the nation or nation with the study of gender? This is the major question that this book chapter by Mrinalini Sinah in the first of three edited volumes on Women's History in Global Perspective adresses in a global perspective. The author argues that the mainstream scholarship on nation and  nationalism has demonstrated a certain indifference to gender as a category of analysis, but feminist scholarship was equally responsible for neglecting the study of the nation and of nationalism until the 1990s. But since then an increasing amount of studies has explored the intersectionality of gender, nation and nationalism and the importance of the subject for several other themes like the study of gender, the nation and the reproduction of the population; gender and national movements; gender, nation and state building and citizenship;  or  gender, military and war. 

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