Democratic citizenship and war

TitleDemocratic citizenship and war
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsPeled, Yoav
Number of Pages238
CityNew York, U.S.A.

This edited volume explores the theoretical and practical implications of war and terror situations for citizenship in democratic states. Citizenship is a key concept in Western political thought for defining the individual's relations with society. The specific nature of these rights, duties and contributions, as well the relations between them, are determined by the citizenship discourses that prevail in each society. In wartime, including low-intensity wars, democratic societies face different challenges than the ones facing them during peacetime, in areas such as human rights. [WorldCat.]

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Carl Schmitt: republican citizenship, repression of liberal rights and multi-polarity, by Alberto Spektorowski.
Security Council activism in the age of the war on terror: implications for human rights, democracy and constitutionalism, by Jean L. Cohen.
Beyond the security vs. liberty paradigm: an analysis of "security" politics in Israel, by Sharon Weinblum.
The alien-citizen distinction and the global war on terrorism, by Tung Yin and David Abraham.
Citizens at war: traitor and internal enemies, by Ute Frevert.
Limited war, limited citizenship: the case of veterans in the People's Republic of China, by Neil J. Diamant.
Soldiers' violence and the dialectics of citizenship and victimhood in contemporary Israel, by Yaron Ezrahi.
Indian Muslims and the war on terror: reflections on their citizenship status, by Ornit Shani.
Women as the bearers of the natio : between liberal and ethnic citizenship, by Gila Stopler.
The Palestinian "visionary documents" in Israel: background, implications and critique, by Uri Ram.
Democracy's disappearing duties: the Washington Consensus and the limits of citizen participation, by Timothy A. Canova.
The reversal of citizenship : the Lebanon War and Intifada in the 1980s and 2000s, by Lev L. Grinberg.

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