Women and Gender in Early Jewish and Palestinian Nationalism

TitleWomen and Gender in Early Jewish and Palestinian Nationalism
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsKatz, Sheila H.
Number of Pages224
PublisherUniversity of Florida Press
CityGainesville, FL

Drawing on a variety of source materials, ranging from popular print media to poetry, film, political treatises, and biographies and autobiographies, the author examines the ways in which gender operated in forming the political identities of Palestinian Arabs and Jewish Zionists. By exploring both gender definitions and their expressions in the everyday lives of two contesting peoples, she provides a highly nuanced understanding of how gender affects the discourse of conflict between two competing national movements.  Through this balanced discussion of the histories of Jewish and Palestinian women during Palestine's formative years, Katz makes a significant contribution to scholarship in Middle Eastern and women's history.

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