Violence and gender in the globalized world: the intimate and the extimate

TitleViolence and gender in the globalized world: the intimate and the extimate
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBahun, Sanja, and V. G. Julie Rajan
Number of Pages226
CityBurlington, U.S.A.

Violence and Gender in the Globalized World expands the present discourse on gender and violence, discovering new ways to address the complexities encountered in academic research on the topic. Through the introduction of a variety of uncommonly discussed geopolitical sites and dynamics, the book redefines the critical picture of gender violence in the age of globalization, adopting diverse methodological approaches and various disciplinary praxes in its investigation of the question of violence against women across the globe." "With an international team of contributors, comprising both scholars and activists, this volume bridges the gap between academic and activist perspectives on gender violence. It will be of interest to anyone conducting research in the areas of gender and sexuality, human rights, cultural studies, political science, history, post-colonialism and colonialism, sociology, anthropology, philosophy and religion. [Book jacket.]

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Indigenous women's anti-violence strategies, by Yifat Susskind.
Going beyond the universal-versus-relativist rights discourse and practice: the case of Malaysia, by Sharon A. Bong.
Microcredit and violence: a snapshot of Kerala, India, by Valsala Kumari K.B..
People behind walls, women behind walls: reading violence against women in Palestine, by Rose Shomali Musleh.
Algerian adolescents caught in the crossfire, by Meredeth Turshen.
The after-war war of genders: misogyny, feminist ghettoization, and the discourse of responsibility in post-Yugoslav societies, by Svetlana Slapšak.
A call for nuanced constitutional jurisprudence: South Africa, Ubuntu, dignity and reconciliation, by Drucilla Cornell, in collaboration with Karin Van Marle.
Litigating international human rights claims of sexual violence in the US courts: a brief overview of cases brought under the Alien Tort Statute and Torture Victim Protection Act, by Jennifer M. Green.
The traffic in "trafficked Filipinas": sexual harm, violence, and victims' voices, by Sealing Cheng.
Victims, villains, saviors: on the discursive constructions of trafficking in women, by Loretta Ihme.
Ethnicity and gender in the politics of Roma identity in the post-communist countries, by Angéla Kóczé.
Over her dead body: talking about violence against women in recent Chicana writing, by Deborah L. Madsen.
When theater becomes a crusade against violence: the case of V-Day, by Marta Fernández-Morales.

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