Interrogating imperialism: conversations on gender, race, and war

TitleInterrogating imperialism: conversations on gender, race, and war
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsInayatullah, Naeem, and Robin Riley
Number of Pages254
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan
CityNew York, U.S.A.

This collection of multiple perspectives on the "war on terror" and the new imperialism provides a depth of analysis. Looking at the imperialism and the "war on terror" through a lens focused on gender and race, the contributors expose the limitations of the current popular discourse and help to uncover possibilities not yet apparent in that same discourse. [WorldCat.]

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Bandung women: Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the necessary risks of solidarity, by Elisabeth Armstrong and Vijay Prashad.
Shame and rage: international relations and the world school of colonialism, by Himadeep Muppidi.
Patriotism in the U.S. Peace Movement: the limits of nationalist resistance to global imperialism, by Shampa Biswas.
Déjà Vu: the fantasy of benign military rule in Pakistan, by Ayesha Khan.
Bewildered? women's studies and the war on terror, by Monisha Das Gupta.
Trading places: juxtaposing South Africa and the United States, by Hannah Britton.
Valiant, vicious, or virtuous? : representation, and the problem of women warriors, by Robin L. Riley.
Not just (any) body can be a patriot: "homeland" security as empire building, by M. Jacqui Alexander.

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