Handbook of Arab women and Arab Spring: challenges and opportunities

TitleHandbook of Arab women and Arab Spring: challenges and opportunities
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsOlimat, Muhamad
Number of Pages231

This volume examines the role of Arab women in the Arab Spring and their contribution to the ongoing process of change sweeping the region. The book begins with an examination of the process of democratization and its impediments in the Arab World since the Second World War. It then looks at the conditions that led to the upsurge of the so-called Arab Spring. Finally it underscores women's role as participants. [WorldCat.]

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Introduction: Democratization, Arab Spring and Arab Women, by Muhamad S. Olimat.
Arab Women and Political Development, by Arwa Oweis, Muntaha Gharaibeh, Hmoud Olimat and Hadeel Al Maaitah.
Gender Empowerment in Algeria, by Sangeeta Sinha.
Bahraini Women and the Arab Spring: meeting the challenges of empowerment and emancipation, by Magdalena Karolak.
An Egyptian Spring for Women? by Nadine Sika.
The Role of Women in the Egyptian Revolution of 25 January, by Manal al-Natour.
Arab Spring and Women in Kuwait, by Muhamad S. Olimat.
Prospects for Women in New Libya, by Wafa Bugaighis.
The Struggle for Women's Rights in Morocco: from Historical Feminism to 20 February Activism, by Zeineb Touati. Saudi Arab women's rights and the Arab Spring uprisings: contextualizing grassroots activism and state reforms, by Magdalena Karolak.
The status of women in Syria, before and during the Arab Spring, by Lorraine Charles and Kate Denman.
Social networks and women's rights activism in post-revolutionary Tunisia, by Zeineb Touati and Sami Zlitni.
The Arab Spring: The beginning or the end of women's dreams in Yemen, by Lody Odeh.
Conclusion by Muhamad S. Olimat.

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