Fearless Fighter: An Autobiography

TitleFearless Fighter: An Autobiography
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsChirwa, Vera Mlangazuwa
Number of Pages208
PublisherZed Books

Vera Chirwa's (1932--) story is one of betrayal, imprisonment, torture and exile. Yet it is also a story of hope, inspiration and extraordinary bravery. Born in Malawi under British colonial rule, she was aware of the injustice meted out to her as an African and a girl even as a child. While struggling for her education, she met and fell in love with Orton Chirwa, a charismatic teacher and activist. From then on their fates became intertwined with the politics of their country after independence. As a campaigner, politician, lawyer, wife and mother, Chirwa has left an indelible mark on Malawian politics. Her life embodies African struggles against colonialism and corruption. In this volume, Chirwa talks about her past with courage and humor. This book celebrates her achievements and calls for greater awareness of the risks faced by human rights defenders everywhere.

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