The Devil Came on Horseback

TitleThe Devil Came on Horseback
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsStern, Ricki, and Anne Sundberg
Running Time85 minutes
Date Released01/2007
DistributorBreak Thru Films
CountryUnited States
Publication Languageenglish, arabic

Based on the accounts of former U.S Marine Captain Brian Steidle, this documentary exposes the War in Darfur and the lack of international response to it. By working for the African Union, Steidle gained access to parts of Darfur that were off limits to journalists and others in the international community. He returned to the United States to raise awareness of ethnic cleansing. 


Brian Steidle

Nicholas Kirstof

Luis Moreno-Ocampo

John Prendergast

Gretchen Wallace

Barack Obama

Elie Wiesel


Produced, Directed, and Written by Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern

Cinematography by Jerry Risius, Phil Cox, Tim Hetherington, William Rexer, Annie Sundberg, and John Keith Wasson

Edited by Joey Grossfield 

Music by Paul Brill



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