Notes from the Field: Postcards of the Spanish Civil War

TitleNotes from the Field: Postcards of the Spanish Civil War
Publication TypeWebsite
Year of Publication2007
Corporate AuthorsThe Mandeville Special Collections Library
Place PublishedLa Jolla, CA

Throughout the Spanish Civil War, both sides employed diverse forms of propaganda designed to promote the war effort. In a divided Spain, the spread of propaganda through government and non-government channels reached a fever pitch. Targeted media sought to mobilize not only soldiers, but also factory workers, political adherents, women and children of the so-called "rearguard," and foreigners. In each case the motive was the same: solidarity and perseverance for the sake of victory. As a means of propaganda, postcards present many curiosities. Given their size, they were not meant to appeal to large audiences in the same way as posters or films. However, postcards represent a highly personal form of propaganda, spread by tight-knit networks of individuals often connected emotionally. This website is a collection of various postcards from the war.

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