The Crises of Empire: Decolonization and Europe’s Imperial States, 1918–1975

TitleThe Crises of Empire: Decolonization and Europe’s Imperial States, 1918–1975
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsThomas, Martin, Bob Moore, and L. J. Butler
Number of Pages457
PublisherHodder Education

Written by subject specialists, it analyses the forces that precipitated the twentieth century collapse of all Europe's late colonial empires. The fate of the British, French, and Dutch colonial empires is investigated individually and comparatively. So, too, is the bloody end to Belgian and Portuguese colonialism in black Africa. Ranging from the wave of European imperial expansion in the aftermath of World War I to the collapse of the last settler colonies in Africa during the 1960s and 1970s, the authors assess decolonization as a long-term process whose roots and outcomes transcended the Cold War. They draw attention to significant changes to the international system during the twentieth century as well as to shifting popular attitudes towards colonialism both within Europe's imperial nation states and within individual colonies. They also discuss the economics of empire, focusing on such factors as changing global markets, colonial urbanization, and the growth of colonial organized labour. Above all, they consider the role of Africans and Asians as agents of colonial change, highlighting the parts played by anti-colonial movements, popular protest, and armed insurgency as catalysts of Europe's imperial collapse.

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