Soldiers in Zimbabwe's Liberation War

TitleSoldiers in Zimbabwe's Liberation War
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsBhebe, Ngwabi, and Terence Ranger
Number of Pages211
PublisherJ. Currey

Zimbabwe's Liberation War started with incursions by tiny guerrilla groups and then built up until the settler regime finally had to negotiate a settlement in 1980. This book is centered on ordinary soldiers and people who sacrificed their lives to achieve advances and victories and suffered the consequences of retreats and defeats. It is history told and experienced by the soldiers themselves, not the 'official' and 'authorized' account by leaders. The book compares strategies used by all the main players - ZIPRA, ZIPA, ZANLA and the Rhodesian Forces. It discusses the Nhari rebellion and the March 11 Movement, the Fifth Brigade and the 'dissidents'. The volume further examines the integration of the armies after 1980, analyses the politics of creating war heroes and discusses life after the war for ex-combatants.

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