Les camps de regroupement de la guerre d'Algérie

TitleLes camps de regroupement de la guerre d'Algérie
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsCornaton, Michel
Number of Pages304

Nearly two and a half million Algerians were locked up in reunification (refugee) camps during the Algerian war, not counting the "relocations" and other types of centers. This made up a total of three and a half million who had to abandon their homes: that is to say, 40% of the Algerian population. Everything had been done, on both sides of the Mediterranean, to stop talking about these consequences once the war was over. It is this tragic story that Michel Cornaton traces, based on surveys, testimonies and unpublished documents. [translated and modified from Amazon]

Translated TitleThe Reunification Camps of the Algerian War
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