17th-19th Century British Religious, Political, and Legal Tracts

Title17th-19th Century British Religious, Political, and Legal Tracts
Publication TypeWebsite
Corporate AuthorsMissouri, University of
Place PublishedColumbia, MO

A collection of pamphlets touching on a range of social, economic, political, medial, legal, religious, and other affairs, this archive of British tracts covers more than 20,000 entries across the entire three-century period. It includes a searchable database and page images viewable within the browser. Hosted by the University of Missouri since the 1940s, the collection is founded on the collection of 17,000 pamphlets collected by the Philadelphian bookseller Ralph Howey, but has grown since then to include other donations and acquisitions. Others include petitions, treatises aimed at influencing the British government, including related to issues of war, politics, and society.

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