The Second World War in Music

TitleThe Second World War in Music
Publication TypeWebsite
Corporate AuthorsInstituut, Netherlands Muziek, and MusicForce
Place PublishedLeiden, Netherlands

This website provides users with information on the place of music in the war in the Netherlands and its colonial posessions, the former Dutch East Indies, Surinam, and the Dutch Antilles. Created in collaboration with the Netherlands Music Institute, the site offers users access to documents, music, photos, and biographies of individual musicians and composers, all of which shed light on several key themes: musical life during the war years, banned music, music in the camps, satirical songs, light music or propaganda songs. The English-language pages contain only a very limited selection of the information and music available on the Dutch site, which is a portal site with a separate reference structure with links to music, radio excerpts, documents, literature, and links to external sites.

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