Parnassus Scientiarum

TitleParnassus Scientiarum
Publication TypeWebsite
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsBeretta, Marco, and Andrea Scotti
Place PublishedFlorence, Italy

The project Parnassus Scientiarum is the synthesis of two complementary projects. The first aims at providing a digital catalogue of the Waller Collection of history of Science and Medicine kept at the Uppsala University Library . The second aims at providing a new and more appropriate physical order and, when needed, a restoration of the whole collection.

The first phase of the catalogue, began in January 2000, has been completed in August 2000. In this interlocutory phase the users are provided with a digital catalogue of the Italian manuscripts (nearly complete) and of a certain number of French, Swedish and Danish manuscript and inconographic documents. Altogether the documents available in digital form are about 2000.

Thanks to the application of a relational data-base called Pinakes, the users will be able to consult the catalogue in an interactive way. He or she will be able to input suggestions and corrections right from the beginning of the project and the images of the scanned documents will allow the possibility of immediate research. These possibilities will make it possible to create a synchronic interactive network between the users and the editors of the catalogue. In a second phase of the project, the calendar of which is not yet set, the rest of the collection of manuscripts, the books, medals and Alba Amicorum will be included in the Parnassus Scientiarum.

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