Al Bier / The Well

TitleAl Bier / The Well
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsHabash, Ahmad
Running Time10 min
Date Released05/2011
CountryPalestinian Territory
Publication LanguageArabic

During the 1948 war in Palestine and just one day after a massacre which shocked the world, an old man encounters a young man and a boy running for their lives. The three Palestinians share the common interest of leaving their homeland for a safer place. Unknown what lies ahead, their journey is sidetracked from the start by the enemy who show up this beautiful Spring day. They flee, fearing that if caught, they will be unquestionably killed. They take shelter in an abandoned well; fairy-tailed to possess magical powers.

Alternate TitleAl Beeer
Original Publicationالبئر (albayir)
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