Un général hollandais sous le premier Empire: Mémoires, 1774–1825

TitleUn général hollandais sous le premier Empire: Mémoires, 1774–1825
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1900
AuthorsVan de Dedem Van de Gelder, Antoine-Baudoin-Gisbert
Series EditorLecky, Elisabeth
Number of Pages414
PublisherPlon-Nourrit & Compagnie

This well-annotated memoir consists of three parts. In the first, Dedem, son of the ambassador of the United Provinces in Constantinople, traces what he saw in the Middle East, including a voyage to Egypt. The second part show us interactions between the King's plenipotentiary minister with the king of Westphalia and the king of Naples. The third part portrays Dedem rising from major-general in Holland's service, to brigadier general in Napoleon's army, where he took so well to his new role that he was astonished he did not become division general. Although an aristocrat disdainful of "plebian manners," Dedem praises the bravery of his soldiers and portrays their struggles in a humane way.

Translated TitleA Dutch general under the First Empire: Memoir, 1774-1825
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