In the Shadow of Revolution: Life Stories of Russian Women from 1917 to the Second World War

TitleIn the Shadow of Revolution: Life Stories of Russian Women from 1917 to the Second World War
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsSlezkine, Yuri, and Sheila Fitzpatrick
Number of Pages443
PublisherPrinceton University Press
CityPrinceton, NJ

A collection of life stories of Russian women in the first half of the twentieth century, this volume brings together the testimony of Soviet citizens and émigrés, intellectuals of aristocratic birth and Soviet milkmaids, housewives and engineers, Bolshevik activists and dedicated opponents of the Soviet regime. In literary memoirs, oral interviews, personal dossiers, public speeches, and letters to the editor, these women document their diverse experience of the upheavals that reshaped Russia in the first half of this century. As is characteristic of twentieth-century Russian women's autobiographies, these life stories take their structure not so much from private events like childbirth or marriage as from great public events. Accordingly the collection is structured around the events these women see as touchstones: the Revolution of 1917 and the Civil War of 1918-20; the switch to the New Economic Policy in the 1920s and collectivization; and the Stalinist society of the 1930s, including the Great Terror. Edited by two historians of Russia and the Soviet Union, the volume includes introductions that investigate the social historical context of these women's lives as well as the structure of their autobiographical narratives.

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