Latin America's Wars; The Age of the Caudillo, 1791-1899

TitleLatin America's Wars; The Age of the Caudillo, 1791-1899
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsScheina, Robert
Number of Volumes2
Number of Pages274
CityWashington, DC

Military historian Robert L. Scheina provides a study of the role played by caudillos (local warlords who placed themselves above the law) in Latin America's military history.  This volume examines the various wars for independence in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Latin America and the area’s conflicts with the United States. Scheina concludes with the beginnings of overt U.S. political intervention in the region. He focuses on operational history in the context of war as an instrument of politics and society, including insightful analyses of the military as an institution and its relations with civilian government. Latin America's Wars fills a void in the literature, broadens U.S. readers’ understanding of their neighbors, and serves as a launching point for new scholarship.


Original PublicationThe Age of Caudillo, 1791-1899: Latin America's Wars
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