Italian Women and War: Sisters in Arms from the Unification to the Twentieth Century

TitleItalian Women and War: Sisters in Arms from the Unification to the Twentieth Century
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsAmatangelo, Susan
Number of Pages195
PublisherFairleigh Dickinson University Press

Italian Women at War explores Italian women's participation in war and conflict throughout Italy's modern history, beginning with the Unification and ending with the twentieth century. The essays in this volume, which focus on both historical and fictional figures, help to further the discussion on women's participation in violence, warfare (both conventional and unconventional), and political protest throughout Italy. [From the publisher.]

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Introduction: Italy's Sisters in Arms, Susan Amatangelo

Part I: The Unification of Italy

1 One in a Mille: Countess Martini Della Torre, Benedetta Gennaro

2 Peppa La Cannoniera: Citizenship in Action, Giovanna Summerfield

3 "Sono briganta, io, non donna di brigante": The Female Brigand's Search for Identit,y Susan Amatangelo

Part II: The Two World Wars

4 Women at War: Eva Kuhn Amendola (Magamal) - Interventionist, Futurist, Fascist, Lucia Re

5 "We will build a better world together": Female Partisans' Memories of Their Resistance to Fascism (1943-1945), Fiona M. Stewart

6 Where Women Meet Resistance: Fenoglio's War Narratives, Daria Valentini

Part III: State Terrorism and the Mafia

7 A Sister Without Arms: The Myth of Antigone in Liliana Cavani's The Cannibals, Stefania Benini

8 Fighting Cosa Nostra with the Camera's Eye: Letizia Battaglia's Evolving Icons of "Traumatic Realism," Norma Bouchard 

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