Frauen zu den Waffen? Marketenderinnen, Helferinnen, Soldatinnen

TitleFrauen zu den Waffen? Marketenderinnen, Helferinnen, Soldatinnen
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1978
AuthorsSeidler, Franz Wilhelm
Number of Pages413
PublisherWehr und Wissen

With a focus on the period of the Second World War and the development after 1945, this book examines the integration of women into the armed forces -- as so-called helpers and soldiers -- in a comparative perspective. The book starts with a brief introduction by an overview of the development until the Second World War. The focus in the first half of the book is on women in the German armed forces of the Nazi regime. In the second half, the development in various Eastern and Western European countries, Canada, Israel and the USA is examined.

Translated TitleWomen at Arms? Sutlers, Auxiliaries, Soldiers
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