Quiet Heroines: Nurses of the Second World War

TitleQuiet Heroines: Nurses of the Second World War
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1983
AuthorsMcBryde, Brenda
Number of Pages246
PublisherChatto & Windus

Little did Brenda McBryde know what the publication of her first book, A Nurse's War, would lead to. A modest yet moving account of her experiences as a nurse in the Second World War, it prompted hundreds of wartime nurses from many parts of the world to send her letters of appreciation, often with accounts of their own experiences. In this spontaneous response lay the seeds of the present book; for Brenda McBryde soon realized the need for a much fuller record of the nurses' unheralded role-- as a tribute to those who served, and a memorial to the many who died. This book describes their story. From the innocent days of enrolment to the shock of the camps at the end, Brenda McBryde captures the spirit that sustained the nurses of every nation throughout the six years of war-- their unsparing and selfless dedication, their courage and ever-buoyant humour, their unremitting concern to save, heal and restore, to bring relief and keep hope alive....all are described from first-hand sources with the telling details that give the narrative an immediacy and timeless value. [Book jacket]

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