Frauen bewegen Politik: Österreich 1848-1938

TitleFrauen bewegen Politik: Österreich 1848-1938
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsHauch, Gabriella
Number of Pages308

For the first time in the revolution of 1848, "women's emancipation" became a public topic in Austria. In various forms of organization, along various topics and ideological orientations, the women's movement was formed during the Habsburg monarchy. At that time, women, in addition to the subordinate position in marriage and family, seemed to be a staple: the right to vote and membership in political parties and various higher education and professions were reserved exclusively for men. Despite this common treatment as "second-class people" and the slogan "we women" used in various contexts, Bourgeois feminists and average German women often created their own destinies, much different from each other. (Amazon)

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