Gender, War, and Male "Disadvantage"

TitleGender, War, and Male "Disadvantage"
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsFlood, Michael, and David Duriesmith
JournalVoice Male
Date Published10/2017

Men’s rights advocates (MRAs) complain that war is an important example of male disadvantage. They describe the higher rates of sex-selective conscription and the large numbers of deaths and injuries among male soldiers as a powerful example of how men are disadvantaged relative to women. This claim is flawed. Yes, large numbers of men and boys are killed and injured in war. But they are sent to war largely by other men, in wars supported more by men than women, and where traditional masculinity has been central to justifications for war. It is men, not women, who have excluded women from joining men in military and combat roles. Feminist women and women’s movements have played key roles in challenging war and militarism. Finally, the overall impacts of war and conflict and their aftermath are greater for women than men. [Author]

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