Gender, War, and Male "Disadvantage"

TitleGender, War, and Male "Disadvantage"
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsFlood, Michael
JournalVoice Male
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Date Published2017

The overall impacts of war and conflict and their aftermath are greater for women than men. According to researcher Golie Jansen, author of Gender and War: The Effects of Armed Conflict on Women's Health and Mental Health, women are much more vulnerable today than in the past because recent wars have had a higher rate of civilian casualties; for example, in World War I, 15 percent of the casualties were suffered by civilians, compared with 65 percent in World War II and 90 percent in recent wars, which have mainly affected women and children. There are widespread atrocities; in war, women's bodies become a battleground-rapes, forced pregnancies, kidnappings, and sexual servitude are common. Because most combatants in armed conflicts are men, males are also the major direct victims of military operations. [From Publisher]

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