Portugal's First Domino: 'Pluricontinentalism' and Colonial War in Guiné-Bissau, 1963-1974

TitlePortugal's First Domino: 'Pluricontinentalism' and Colonial War in Guiné-Bissau, 1963-1974
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsMacqueen, Norrie
JournalContemporary European History
Start Page209
Date Published1999

Portugal's presence in Guiné-Bissau through eleven years of intense guerrilla war was justified by the doctrine of ‘pluricontinentalim’. In this view concession to nationalist pressure in one part of the ‘indivisible state’ would lead inevitably to the collapse of the whole. The defence of Portuguese Guiné, therefore, was the price to be paid for the maintenance of the infinitely more valuable territories of Angola and Mozambique. 

Reprint EditionPublished online July 1, 1999
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