Gender and Citizenship: Promises of Peace in Post-Dayton Bosnia-Herzegovina / Maria-Adriana Deiana.

TitleGender and Citizenship: Promises of Peace in Post-Dayton Bosnia-Herzegovina / Maria-Adriana Deiana.
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsDeiana, author Maria- Adri
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan

Contents: 1. Revisiting Dayton: Unfinished (Feminist) International Relations1.1 Gendered Continuities and ruptures in the post-conflict moment1.2 A feminist critique of consociationalism and beyond: complicating Dayton1.3 Provoking citizenship through Feminist Interventions1.3.1 On gender, ethnicity and nationalism: women's conditional citizenship in the Nation1.3.2 1.3.1 Re-imagining citizenship as agentic, multi-layered and multidimensional1.4 Taking Women's Narratives Seriously: Research methodology and methods 1.4.1 Research Choices, Encounters and Challenges1.5 Structure of the book2. Trajectories of Women's Citizenship from Socialism to the Bosnian War2.1 Women's Citizenship in the Former Yugoslavia: the legacy of state socialism.2.2 Women's citizenship after the fall: tracing continuities and ruptures.2.3 Negotiating citizenship vis-à-vis the nation2.4 Women's agency and/in the Bosnian war: the politics of necessity and international aid2.5 Conclusion3., Contents: The Politics of Not/Belonging: Making sense of Post-Dayton exclusions3.1 In Tito's time: Nostalgia, Silences and Feminist Counter-History.3.2 Outside belonging: the (im)possibility of a Bosnian-Herzegovinian identity3.3 Of Feminists ..and Mothers: Disruptive Attachments3.4 Complicating the tapestry: belonging in proximity to ethnonationalism3.5 Conclusion4. Women's personal narratives and the multi-layered legacies of war4.1 Gender, Nation and the Contested Narratives on the Bosnian War4.2 The legacy of war-time violence and women's (in)visibility4.3 War as a catalyst for action4.4 Women working for women: the politics of small steps4.5 Conclusion5. Collective visions for citizenship and challenges of transversal politics as practice5.1 The post-conflict condition: entrapment and hope5.2 The ambivalent meanings of Post-Dayton civil society5.3 Navigating Powerful social pressure5.4 Ethno-national affiliation as a challenge5.5 Conclusions6., Contents: Is another citizenship possible? Hopeful political practices in the Post-Dayton impasse6.1 Critical Challenges and Feminist Futures6.2 This is not my peace! Spaces of citizenship through feminist art6.3 DIY citizenship as hopeful political praxis6.4 Conclusion7. Conclusions.